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Sketch Speak Partnership

Sketch Speak is a collaboration between Soji Learning and Change and independent visual communications specialist, Guy Downes.  In late 2011, Guy and Jarrod Siegertsz (Soji Learning and Change) started working together on client projects, looking for ways to incorporate the power of visuals into Soji’s people practices consultancy. What followed was a string of creative client engagements that gradually built in complexity and scope. Over time they pulled the threads together into a visual communication system called Sketch Speak, which draws on their combined skill sets to help clients solve organisational challenges.


Today the Sketch Speak team is made up of visual practitioners and organisational development consultants from all across Australia.

Guy Downes

As an independent visual communications specialist, Guy Downes combines his illustration and artistic expertise with 10 years international communication experience to help clients solve organisational challenges. Guy’s approach and style sets the tone for how we work visually.

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Jarrod Siegertsz

Jarrod Siegertsz brings years of learning consultancy and management experience to the team. As Sketch Speak’s principle facilitator and engagement manager, Jarrod ensures our clients get the best possible results at each stage of the process.

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Sketch Speak helps people get from A to B quicker. We use visuals to drive deeper understanding of the things that matter most to our clients. We believe that pictures play a vital role in business communication and no more so than in situations related to people, performance and change. Here are just a few of the ways Sketch Speak solutions can help your organisation.

Share a story

Clarify the message and start the dialogue

Whether it’s about sharing best practices to drive better business performance or giving a voice to what makes a company great, Sketch Speak can help to clarify your message and start dialogue about the issues that matter most.

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Spark a change

Align action and build momentum

Even when the change that your team needs to make is clear, the required shift in behaviour doesn’t always naturally follow. Sketch Speak can be a catalyst for change. Its powerful visual processes can align action and build momentum around the values, principles or behaviours that are critical to your change initiative.

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Sell an idea

Grab attention and stimulate thinking

Today, more than ever before, we are swamped by a deluge of information. If you have an idea you need to have heard above the noise Sketch Speak can help. We use visuals to grab attention and stimulate the thinking needed to get great ideas across the line.

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Solve a problem

Promote collaboration and shape solutions

Many of the problems we face at work are complex and multifaceted. To breakthrough stalemates and make real progress we often need the support of others. Sketch Speak can help you promote deep collaboration to shape creative solutions.

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Soji Learning & Change


Soji Learning & Change

Soji Boji Botanic Rich Picture

Soji Learning and Change engaged Sketch Speak to create a Rich Picture. The image brings to life the work Soji does, how they partner with clients, and what is most important to them.

‘’We couldn’t think of a better metaphor for learning and change than a botanic garden. A garden full of growth, opportunity and complexity. We see that every situation is unique, just like the various plants and habitats in the three distinct zones in the image – Japanese Garden, Rose Garden and Rain forest. These three gardens signify the areas we predominantly work in, developing leaders (Japanese Garden), aligning strategy (Rose Garden) and shaping culture (Rain forest).‘’

Soji uses this image to spark discussions with clients and partners as well as internally to anchor behaviours and routines in line and keep the things that are most important, top of mind.


Better Works Australia


Better Works Australia - Story Mapping, Scribe Animation

We created a short and engaging video scribe animation to help Gallagher Benefit Services [5] share their unique Gallagher Better Works story.

The hand drawn video scribe animation helps their key audiences understand how Gallagher partners with businesses and individuals to design and deliver career, financial, physical and emotional wellbeing solutions with real outcomes. The video scribe animation is being used in meetings, workshops, presentations and conferences to raise understanding and spark richer conversations about wellbeing and the Gallagher Better Works offering.

Our Sketch Speak service can also include working closely with clients to help them develop the story that forms the foundation of the animation. For Gallagher, this involved running a creative, fun and rigorous half day Story Mapping Workshop that helped the team explore, crystallise and find alignment on an engaging and relevant story structure for the final video scribe animation script.

Amgen / Sax Institute

Cardiovascular Disease A Race Against Time

Amgen / Sax Institute

Cardiovascular Disease A Race Against Time - Story Mapping, Script Writing, Scribe Animation

Cardiovascular disease has been the leading cause of death in Australia for over 40 years – and yet most of these deaths are preventable. With rising chronic disease and obesity rates, heart disease is an increasingly urgent concern for Australians. It’s a race against time to prevent these unnecessary deaths . We must do things differently – but how? Dynamic simulation modelling can help.

On this exciting project we worked with Amgen and the Sax Institute to create a video scribe animation to share the story and outputs of their systems modelling around cardiovascular disease in Australia.

We worked with their multi-disciplinary team and ran a Story Mapping Workshop that helped them to articulate key messages in a short and engaging story arch. Post workshop our writer, Paul Armstrong, pulled together the voiceover script and Guy crafted the video based on storyboards with our production team.

Amgen / Sax Institute

Osteoporosis & Bone Health – What if?

Amgen / Sax Institute

Osteoporosis & Bone Health – What if? Story Mapping, Script Writing, Scribe Animation

Around 6.3 million Australians have poor bone health, and many don’t even realise it. Dealing with these fractures costs us $3 billion per year, and a lot of distress. So how can we help stop it before it happens? Systems modelling gives us a dynamic window to the future, so we can work out what strategies will have  the best impact.

On this important project we worked with Amgen and the Sax Institute to create a video scribe animation to share the story and outputs of their systems modelling around bone health in Australia.

We worked with their multi-disciplinary team and ran a Story Mapping Workshop that helped them to articulate key messages in a short and engaging story arch. Post workshop our writer, Paul Armstrong, pulled together the voiceover script and Guy crafted the video based on storyboards with our production team.

Sketch Speak Snap Clips

Short sketch video with a twist

Sketch Speak Snap Clips

We’ve been exploring a new, micro visual storytelling format, Snap Videos. These 30 second bursts of sketched storytelling get to the point, but also have a twist in the tail.

This soji video is a prototype. The idea is to create a structure that unfolds in two parts. Initially we hear the voiceover together with Guy’s sketching. Then the shot zooms out to reveal the key image positioned within a different setting that somehow amplifies the message or gives a twist to the story.

Whether you are looking for a way to support a change initiative or reinforce elements of a development program, we think these short blasts might be a great way to keep key messages top of mind.


Western Health

Patient Safety

Western Health

STRIPE is a Health Workforce Australia funded program looking at the benefits and learning for interdisciplinary education. The research is focused on optimising patient safety through the development of  interdisciplinary team shared approaches to achieve best patient outcomes.

Sketch Speak  worked with Western Health to create a series of development materials that aim to develop awareness around various aspects of patient safety. The team developed Journey Map and Video Scribe Animation to be used to explore the system dynamics that surround patient handover.

These tools are aimed at junior health care professionals working in acute health care environments.

Ronald McDonald House


Ronald McDonald House

Fundraising Journey Map

Ronald McDonald House Charities’ fundraising arm is a critical enabler for the organisation’s mission. To engage its people in this continuously improving process RMHC contacted us for help.

RMHC is an independent, non-profit organisation, which helps seriously ill children and their families when they need it most. This important work is heavily reliant on donations from corporate sponsors and the dedication of staff and volunteers in houses nationally.

Sketch Speak and Cornershop Design recently donated their time and expertise to host a Journey Mapping event to help tell the story of how fundraising at the charity has evolved over the years. At this event house managers and fundraising specialists gathered from across the country to celebrate the journey so far and focus attention on what needs to be done next.

So far the visual output has been used to help orient new fundraisers as they join the team. Plans are afoot to broaden the maps usage and make an interactive version accessible via the organisation’s intranet.

Kimberly Clark

Sustainability Story

Kimberly Clark

Sustainable Sourcing Practices Journey Map and Story Guide

Kimberly-Clark’s green credentials are seen as an important part of their brand strategy.  To get the message out Jacqueline Fegent-McGeachie, Sustainability Manager contacted us to ask for help.

We ran a Journey Mapping workshop, inviting a group of internal brand leaders to take part. The team worked with our facilitator and a graphic scribe to sketch out the bigger picture of their fibre sourcing practices. The cross functional team spent just a few hours to crystallise their story and find alignment around the key elements.

“The workshop surfaced new insights and achieved consensus faster than anticipated. The whole experience was challenging and thought provoking, but most of all fun!”

The final output has been used to present to partners, customers and employees at various events and additional support tools have been created to help account managers tell the story when meeting with clients.

Milestones ELC

Expansion Journey

Milestones ELC

Milestones ELC - Journey Map

Milestones Early Learning Centre was embarking on a substantial business expansion and they were looking for a way to help align their team and clarify their future vision. Owners Quinn and Narissa King contacted us to see if we could help.

We worked with the whole senior team to create a Journey Map for Milestones Early Learning Centres. The map explores elements of organisational history, the current culture and the team’s vision for the future.


Culture Change


SBS Special Broadcasting Service - History Timeline and Journey Map

Sketch Speak partnered with SBS to design and deploy a series of one day, large group events aimed to breathe life into the organisation’s values. Sketch Speak helped engage a wealth of history and experience in the design process.

We worked with a group of experienced SBS employees to create a rich graphic history of the organisation. This visual timeline plotted out the immense change individuals had experienced over the years. Key business shifts featured against a backdrop of personal anecdotes about what it means to be part of SBS culture. This activity helped us to connect with an important stakeholder group and in the process create a stunning tool to support the rollout of the larger cultural change initiative.

As the culture project progressed SBS was looking for ways to spark conversation around the kinds of behaviours that best support their strategic priorities. Once again Sketch Speak worked with stakeholders to draw out the key elements and create a journey map illustration to help.

Using our facilitated mapping process we worked with a core team to establish a relevant and compelling metaphor for the job. Sketch Speak then helped the entire SBS team engage with the image through a series of large group events. The journey map continues to play a part in the organisations cultural development strategy.


Organisational Strategy


GlaxoSmithKline - Strategy Map, Scribe Animation and Large Group Session

GlaxoSmithKline’s new strategy ushered in significant organisational change. To get people aligned and on board they contacted us to ask for help.

We worked with the GSK Australian Executive Team to design and deploy a set of engagement tools including Journey Mapping, Video Scribe Animation and a Large Group Visualisation. This event for over 250 people introduced the new organisational strategy and raised awareness of how it relates to the various directorates within the business.

The program (including a number of lead up events) used a series of highly interactive, visual based activities and fast paced group facilitation to enable individuals to put themselves into the strategy picture.

“85% of participants rated the Journey Map as a Good/Excellent way of explaining the Strategy.”

The various outputs have been used to create visual anchors throughout the organisation to help reinforce the key elements of the strategy and connect individuals to their part in the change.

Fitness First

Development Map

Fitness First

Fitness First Career Progression and Development Map

Career development pathways are key to Fitness First’s  talent strategy. They needed a snappy way of sharing their commitment to career development and progression, so they contacted us to help get the message out.

We ran an animation scoping workshop with a group of key stakeholders. The team worked with our facilitator and a graphic scribe to map out the key messages and structure for the video. This then was drafted into a short scribed clip that tells the story of an important new development initiative.

The final output has been used at a national conference as well as on various recruitment and employee channels.


Research & Engage

We work closely with you to establish exactly what your needs are and how we can best help.


Design & Develop

Whether it's practical visual tools or powerful change experiences we carefully design each element of your engagement.


Launch & Deliver

When it comes to launching things, we can be right there to help with facilitation and communication support.


Confirm & Evaluate

It is important to us that you get real value from each project, so we take the time to close the loop and check back in on completion.


5 principles of visual thinking

We dare ...

We have the courage to do things differently to drive participation, engagement and understanding of the bigger picture.

We dive in ...

We invest time in adopting this process and practice it frequently.

We simplify ...

We embrace simple tools to help drive advanced thinking and break through conversations.

We adapt ...

We flex our approach and adapt to our surroundings.

We collaborate ...

We use the process in any setting where people need to understand something as quickly as possible.

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