Sketch Speak Partnership

Sketch Speak is a collaboration between Soji Learning and Change and independent visual communications specialist, Guy Downes.  In late 2011, Guy and Jarrod Siegertsz (Soji Learning and Change) started working together on client projects, looking for ways to incorporate the power of visuals into Soji’s people practices consultancy. What followed was a string of creative client engagements that gradually built in complexity and scope. Over time they pulled the threads together into a visual communication system called Sketch Speak, which draws on their combined skill sets to help clients solve organisational challenges.


Today the Sketch Speak team is made up of visual practitioners and organisational development consultants from all across Australia.

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Jarrod Siegertsz
M: +61 (0)413 338 849

Guy Downes
M: +61 (0)438 819 294


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